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The Morada Espírita Prof. Lairi Hans is a Kardecist philanthropic association, recognized by the Municipal Government of Campinas. It was founded on October 29, 1980 by Luzia Pacubi, Heloísa de Oliveira Bueno, Maria Aparecida Nogueira de Sá and Orlando Gache.


The Morada was named after its spiritual mentor, Lairi Hans, a highly enlightened and disciplined medical spirit entity, disincarnated in 1678 in Germany at age 51. His many incarnations have been marked by self-renunciation, brotherly love and the tireless dedication to the cure of the sick.



The spiritual services of the Morada began in a modest house with the material presence of six mediums and the assistance of large number of messengers of light. All spiritual guidance in the direction of the works of the Morada was received directly from Professor Lairi Hans who, over a period of almost 24 years, manifested himself through the medium Luiza Pacubi, his spiritual daughter during many incarnations.


Since its foundation, the Morada has had several locations, some of which were rented houses. The first property which was owned by the Morada, acquired and renovated entirely through the work of volunteers, was … along with adjacent properties, to make way for project of the municipal government.   Using the funds from the indemnification, along with additional contributions, the Morada bought the property where it is presently located.


With the goal of germinating the spiritual work of the Morada in various parts of the city, for several years the Mordada maintained other spiritual centers, lovingly called “spiritual flower beds” by Professor Lairi Hans.


Each of these centers represented one more garden of healing, of love, of faith, and of giving.


In 2002, under the orientation of Professor Lairi Hans, and after a new center was completed at the Morada’s permanents address, the other centers were deactivated so that all of the workers of the Morada could be united in a single chain of work and giving.



Over the years the Morada’s spiritual services to the public increased, and more cures were accomplished. As a result, the physical spaces occupied by the Morada constantly became insufficient for receiving so many brothers and sister who sought the word of Our Father.


Along with its spiritual activities, WORK has always been the Morada’s motto, as the Morada has never relied on any kind of sponsorship or financial subsidy. To maintain itself, the Modada relies on its traditional fund-raising events. In this way, by much work, love, and dedication,  the property adjacent to the Morada was acquired, demolished, and the construction of a larger center was realized.


The construction of the new center was accomplished in two phases, requiring two years of dedication and hard work by volunteers.



In a experiment hitherto unknown among Spiritist centers, the Morada buried a time capsule in 2002, so that later generations will know the beginning of a journey of dedication and love of neighbor.


The time capsule was suggested by the spiritual plane and all the material it contains was carefully selected and prepared to be buried in the foundation of the Morada’s new building. In order that the photographs and documents relating the history of the Morada be preserved inside the capsule, necessary precautions were taken, including the selection of the appropriate types of paper for these items.

All of the material was put into a high-resistance plastic bag, treated in an atmosphere of inert nitrogen gas for one week, and then sealed with beeswax in a ceramic box.  The plastic bag was sealed in an atmosphere of dry nitrogen.


After the box was put in a chamber underneath the building, the chamber was saturated with nitrogen gas and totally covered with concrete. An explanatory plaque, dated April 27, 2007, was placed over the burial spot.


The time capsule will opened 80 years from that date, on or after April 27, 2082.



Throughout the Morada’s journey, ever since it was founded, the Morada has been increasing its food donations to needy families thanks to the contributions of the Morada’s workers, as well as the collecting of donated food in the streets of the city and through charitable events.


The  Morada has always been particularly devoted to the elderly, the sick, and children. Poor families on the outskirts of the city are regularly visited by the Morada’s workers, and receive monthly donations of staple foods. These donations amount to three and a half tons of food a month.


Sharing the loaves has always been and will always be the Morada’s motto, explaining why so much spiritual assistance is given to us by the messengers of light.


As goal for the not so distant future, the Morada intends to open the doors of a home for the children and the elderly.




“Where there is no discipline, the messengers of light are not present.”

                                                                                        Professor Lairi Hans


Discipline, work, and charity are the basic principles of the Morada.


Having healing and the treatment of health as its main aim, the Morada count on the self-abnegated dedication of an elevated Spiritual Medical Chain. In order for the healing vibrations to be received by the brothers and sisters who attend the Morada, the purification of the environs is an indispensible condition. That is why Professor Hans made disciplined behavior the foundation of the Morada.




A flor é o símbolo da parte espiritual.

As rosas brancas, azuis e cor-de-rosa são o símbolo da Morada na espiritualidade.

Cor-de-rosa - representa o Amor

Azul - representa a Cura e a Fé

Branco - representa a Paz.



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