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Mãe Luzia



To speak of Luzia Pacubi is to unveil the mysteries of a missionary of love.


It is to experience the radiant goodness of an enlightened, unattached spirit, whose path is guided by the teachings of the Master.


Her example of self-renunciation, dedication to others, and submission to the will of the higher spiritual plane, make Luzia Pacubi a direct instrument of the messengers of light, in continuous communication with spiritual entities.



Her inextinguishable spring of life: love.


Her inseparable companion: faith.


The greatness of her works: humility.


Her motto for spiritual growth: discipline.


Her gift to those who seek her: the blessing of Our Father.



Always led on by love, she radiated firmness in her decisions, confidence in her advice, wisdom in her teachings, and frankness in her remarks. For this reason she has always been the object of admiration, respect, love, and eternal gratitude on the part of her spiritual children.


It was for these and many other reasons that Professor Lairi Hans was always present at her side, guiding her steps, blessing her works, illuminating her spirit, and transmitting his Christian lessons through her.


It was Professor Lairi Hans himself, a highly evolved spirit, a spiritual mentor dedicated to healing, who led Luzia Pacubi, his spiritual daughter, to found the Spiritist center that bears his name.


Reproduced below is the content of the commemorative plaque dedicated to Mãe Luzia, as she is called by the workers of the Morada:


“Luzia Pacubi, God has made you the Spiritual Mother to us all. For your dedication in the exercise of the medium’s mission, and your immense love for Christian causes, qualities which make you the corner stone of this Morada, we thank you and love you.”


Workers of the Morada Espírita – February 1986


Interview with Mãe Luzia publicada in November 2002 in the newspaper “Alavanca”]


Alavanca (A): When, by whom, and for what purposes was the Morada Espírita Prof. Lairi Hans founded?

Luiza Pacubi (LP): The Morada Espírita Prof. Lairi Hans  was founded on October 29, 1980, by Luzia Pacubi, Heloísa Oliveira Bueno, Orlando Gache, and Maria Aparecida Nogueira Ferreira, with the purpose of the continuation of spiritual faith, which is called love of neighbor.


A: Does the morada work with the evangelization of children?

LP: We have a school for the evangelization of children and young people from 2 to 16 years of age.


A: What about the Morada’s school for mediums?

LP: The basis of the school for mediums is the works of the codifier Alan Kardec. It is impossible for us to prepare mediums for spiritual practice without exploring the wealth of discoveries contains in his books. We have various study groups, for all levels of knowledge, where the instructors are prepared to transmit the fundamentals of Spiritism, dating from their codification in the 19th century. Simultaneously, various themes are treated related to mediumship and its practical application, always with reference to the Kardecist basis. The study is continuous, and, as Prof. Lairi Hans says, “study never ends”. We will never get a diploma in the spiritual plane, because learning is eternal.



A: What is the spiritual work engaged in by the Morada?

LP: The Morada has fixed days for each type of work:


  • The table work which takes place after mediunic studies.

  • Work of relief from obsessive spirits.

  • Spiritual consultations and passes open to the public.


The work takes place at the Mordada headquarters on Rua José Paulinho 1934.


A: Does the Morada receive financial support from governmental agencies or does it subsist only through donations?

LP: We receive help from Our Father, from our brothers and sisters on the spiritual, and the brothers and sisters who are the workers of the Morada, who contribute through their work and organize bazaars and fundraising events.


A: Why the name “Lairi Hans”?

LP: As far as the name Prof. Lairi Hans is concerned, he stated it when he manifested himself, and it is, in my view, a very beautiful one.


A: What is spiritism?

LA: It is the purification of human beings for a new incarnation.


A: Mrs. Pacubi, did you become a Spiritist before doing charity work or did  you do charity work before becoming a Spiritist?

LP: Be became a Spiritist when I was a child, 65 years ago. Spirtism was not very well-known and I began to hear voices telling me that I was being prepared. But I had no knowledge, I had never heard about Spiritism. At the age of 18, I was in a garden and I saw three people coming towards me and manifesting themselves by saying the time had come! And they left. Shortly afterwards, I was guided by mentalization, where I was told that my path would have be one of brotherly love, of being a good Spiritist, and of not disappointing my brothers and sisters on the spiritual plane who have shown me the path of Light. Since then, to this day, at 77 years of age, I have never strayed from the path that was shown me.


A: Does the idea that “Outside of charity there is no salvation”, preached by Spiritism, lead people to do more charitable work, regardless of their religion?

LP: Truly, outside of charity there can be no salvation, because Our Father places in our hands a seed to be sown. If it is not sown, your hands will be empty, without the flowers of love of one’s neighbor.


A: Have non-profit organizations, as regulated by FEAC (the Federation of Charitable Organizations of Campinas), played their proper role in society or could they do more?

LP: Each charitable institution is accountable for its work, and if they are united, they can expand their charitable work.


A: Would things change for the better if there were a federation of exclusively

Spiritist charitable organizations? Why?

LP: Yes, because there would be unity among people of the same religion, with everyone fighting for the same cause: …, work, and strengthening of the faith.


A: Would there be a reform of welfare policy in Brazil, if the government gave the matter more attention?

LP: Not receiving any help from the government, we must unite to help each other.


A: The Spirtist organization devoted to charitable work in Brazil make up 50% of the total. Do they have the power to change anything in the area?

LP: They do, if they would unite.


A: Brazil is the fourth in the world in the number of volunteer. With a little more effort, could it soon be in first place?

LP: Love of neighbor is much more than being in first place. If we strengthen ourselves on the spiritual path, more volunteers will join us.


A: Do you think children and teenagers should be encouraged to do charitable work, or should charity be allowed to come about naturally?

LP: Encouraging a child or a teenager is to sow a seed for Our Father. This is the obligation of every Spiritist.


A: In your view, what does a person need most?

LP: For all the needs of human beings, Our Father has planted love.


A: What do you have to say to those who are starting out in charitable work?

LP: Take on your responsibility in the field, lending both your left and right hands to you neighbor.


A: Spiritist institutions are well thought of in society today. Who should get the credit for this?

LP: When Spiritist institutions are well thought of in society, the credit goes to Faith.


A: Can one speak of Spiritism and charity without mentioning Chico Xavier?

LP: Forgetting the example of Chico Xavier is the same as forgetting how to have love and humility.


A: What can be done for there to be more interaction among Spiritist centers?

LP: Cast off the titles of greatness, the crowns of vanity, remember the humility of Chico Xavier, and unite in order to strengthen our spiritual side.


A: If in unity there is strength, what is more important at the moment, interaction among Spiritist or the practice of charity?

LP: With more coming together of spiritual brothers and sisters, our strength will be greater for the practice of charity.


A: You have traveled through various countries in Europe. How do you see Spiritism there?

LP: Going through several countries, I did not see …. I did see the presence of other religions. If other religions are present, why not ours, if we have the help of our brothers and sisters on the spiritual plane? Could it be due to a lack of unity?


A: And in Brazil, what is your opinion?

LP: In Brazil, Spiritism leaves much to be desired, when one speaks of awareness of the principal foundation of the Faith: reincarnation. Our brothers and sisters on the spiritual plane want to help us, and they also need to be helped for their own higher evolution. And how does one help? By opening new horizons and broadening our mission.


A: Has ALAVANCA played the role of an impartial Spiritist periodical?

LP: ALAVANCA is our point of reference for spreading awareness. It must tell true stories of communication by the spirits, so that our readers become interested, and, by means of these stories, their curiosity is stimulated and more brothers and sisters are awakened. In this way our point of reference will be strengthened and circulation will be much bigger than 5000 copies.


A: What can be done to make Spiritism better known?

LP: For Spiritism to be better known, expanded, and renewed, one can not only resort to a single prayer, but instead to many new prayers, because the spiritual plain, aside from being a spacious garden, has may flower beds that need sowing with faith, charity, and love.


A: Why do some people hide the fact that they go to Spiritist centers?

LP: Many brothers and sisters won’t admit that they are Spiritists, and when they to attend a center, they always add that it is a big one. This is merely showing off on the part of the less enlightened, who do not know that the spiritual basis is humility, as exemplified by Chico Xavier.


A: What can be to improve this situation?

LP: Our little Morada, built with hard work, at present provides monthly assistance for about 120 families. This assistance totals approximately 2,500 kilos of food per month, obtained through donations those who frequent the Morada, food and clothing donation campaigns carried out every weekend on the streets of the city, as well as through parties and charitable events. At the end of every year the Morada holds a Christmas party, attended by almost 600 people, for the families who receive assistance from the Morada, with the distribution of dolls and soccer balls for the children, new clothes, and Christmas baskets.  

Thanks to the Morada’s workers, the children receive hot dogs, cakes, sweets, ice cream, soft drinks, and have fun with the clowns and a visit from Santa Claus. In the winter, flannel pajamas, and wool socks and blankets are distributed to children and the elderly.


A: What does the future hold for the Morada?

LP: The future plans of the Morada are to build a senior citizens home and a daycare center. It will be the construction of a loving home for the forgotten elderly who are in need of loving care and a place for needy children who personify smiles, happiness, and hope. We have the help of our brothers and sisters on the spiritual plane as well as the willingness to work.


For future generations, the spiritual lessons are registered in a time capsule. Placed in urn under the basement of the Morada, this capsule will only be opened in 2082.


A: Do you have any final remarks you would like to make?

LP: The first seed from the spiritual plane was planted by Allan Kardec so as to create the garden of Spiritism. However, this seed must germinate more fully and spread to other fields. It is the task of the Spiritist to water the seed with the water of renewal, making way for spiritual evolution in this garden.


How many Spiritists come to us asking to be spiritually blessed in matrimony, wishing to be united within their own religion!


How many Spiritists families seek us in order to have their children baptized!


 The codifier Alan Kardec initiated the spiritual work of spreading the word of Spiritism, and despite not having spoken of ceremonies, he did not condemn them.


We must, with joined hands, spread the word of Spiritism, but this activity is not valid without action. Both must walk hand in hand.


Why should we not unite to strengthen the weaker parts, working from the same page, leaving aside pride of place.


Here is my message: We need to strengthen and renew our spiritual unity.

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